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Welcome by Renaissancechambara on Flickr

A Strategic Approach to Welcoming

St. James Limerick implemented a much more detailed welcome strategy this fall using Nelson Searcy’s Fusion suggestions.  When you’re a guest at St. James you’ll find 1) parkers and greeters, 2) a welcome center, 3) a communication card in every bulletin to get information, 4) a free gift as you leave, 5) an email on Monday afternoon, 6) a personal letter with another gift on Thursday and 7) you’ll be added to the church database.


Serving Spaghetti

What is the “new thing” that you have perceived God doing?

Feeding the hungry and connecting the church and community.

How are you cooperating with God in this activity?  How can other Christians and congregations help?

St. Matthew has a free Spaghetti Dinner the last Tuesday of each month. Read more »