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Video Promotion

Upper Dublin Lutheran Church and St. Janes, Limerick, promoted their Christmas services using Internet videos. Upper Dublin posted a short music video on Facebook and YouTube inviting people to their Christmas Eve worship services. Limerick created a promotional video clip promoting their “It’s a Wonderful Christmas” sermon series leading up to Christmas.  Read more »

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A Strategic Approach to Welcoming

St. James Limerick implemented a much more detailed welcome strategy this fall using Nelson Searcy’s Fusion suggestions.  When you’re a guest at St. James you’ll find 1) parkers and greeters, 2) a welcome center, 3) a communication card in every bulletin to get information, 4) a free gift as you leave, 5) an email on Monday afternoon, 6) a personal letter with another gift on Thursday and 7) you’ll be added to the church database.

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Following Jesus into Prison

“…I was in prison, and you came to Me.” Jesus is clear that his followers are to act on behalf of “the least of these,” including those behind bars. In that spirit, volunteers at St. Paul, Red Hill have been discipling prisoners who need to hear the Good News, visiting sending Bibles and a teaching newsletter to incarcerated persons, because “God doesn’t give up on anybody.” Read more »


Moment of Faith and Loaves of Love

What is the “new thing” that you have perceived God doing?

He is sending new people through our doors, and they are coming each Sunday.  We’ve also been doing a once a month “Moment of Faith.”

How are you cooperating with God in this activity?  How can other Christians and congregations help?

We welcome them with a loaf of bread and a welcoming message, inviting them to participate in fellowship following worship.  For Moment of Faith, people share their faith story. Read more »

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Intentional Welcoming Strategy

What is the “new thing” that you have perceived God doing?

A much more intentional welcoming strategy.

From where did this “new thing” spring forth?  What need is God acting to meet through this activity?

Nelson Searcy’s book “Fusion”. Read more »


Prayer on the Streets

Like many congregations, St. Mark (Clifton Heights) has long had prayer chains and prayer lists.  We also heavily advertised our opening the church for prayer during the week, but we had few participants.  Several members of the prayer team wanted to go where the people are instead of expecting them to come to us.  So, we decided to take prayer to the streets by setting up a table with a large sign encouraging people to “Stop by for Prayer.”  Read more »